Camp Ezri History and Future

History :      For over 25 Years Damon & Audra Albert have dedicated their lives to the development of programs that serve at risk kids. Just a few of these activities include serving various churches in a pastoral role,  establishing numerous food and clothing distribution programs for the poor in multiple cities across America, directing relief efforts during some of our nations most horrific natural disasters, establishing after school and athletic programs for inner city youth, working on anti-gang / anti drug projects,  hosting teen radio programs, authoring books and training resources for various nonprofit organizations , training leaders around the world and literally opening their own home and hearts to those in need. Through these efforts the Albert's have impacted the lives of thousands of families and young people across the globe. 


"Although we have been involved in some amazing programs through the years, the most fruitful efforts we have ever witnessed were always found in those times when we were able to take kids away from the stress and struggles associated with their daily routines and drop them in an environment filled with adventure, security and the love of God. Something incredible takes place when you are surrounded by God's handiwork.  When the cell phones and televisions are turned off and you are face to face with His creation and presence,  this is where hearts are healed and lives are changed" said the Alberts. Over the last two decades the Alberts have often used Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Exploring, Hunting, Shooting, 4 Wheeler Trail Rides and other means of exploring nature to connect with kids and direct them towards their Creator. They have done this through the use of both private property and accessing public facilities. "Many years ago, we worked with an incredible ministry that would hold week long youth camps. These were amazing weeks that impacted countless young lives. To this day we still receive phone calls and letters thanking us for holding those camps with the former campers "many now adults" stating how those weeks literally molded and shaped their character and future" . Unfortunately,  as the camps continued through the years, the biggest hurdle was always the  overall cost of hosting these camp experiences. With the cost continuing to rise each year, and the majority of expense going towards the cost of the facility and space rentals, we were never really able to have the level of impact on the  inner city at-risk kids in our communities that we would have hoped for. "

Future:     "As we began to see the cost of these type of programs increase, we began to dream and brainstorm about the possibility of building our own camp facility that could eventually reach kids year round. Having our own facility would not only greatly lower the overall cost of hosting these camp experiences, but also give us the opportunity to expand upon an already successful concept and program". In 2018 the first major step in the process was achieved when the Camp Ezri project was provided a very camp friendly piece of land deep in the West Virginia Mountains. Over the course of 2018 some utilities were ran to the property, trails were cut, an outbuilding was built and some small scale camper lodging was set in place. This allowed for some small ministry opportunity but nothing close to the potential and ultimate vision that is Camp Ezri. This property  contains access to a river, seasonal waterfalls throughout, tons of wildlife and endless opportunity for adventure. The property is situated in a very convenient location with Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington Dc all within easy driving distance. Given the Camp Ezri vision to impact "inner city / at risk kids", you could not ask for a better location. With the help of friends and like hearted individuals around the globe, we hope at some point to convert the site to a more commercial type usage and construct facilities that are suited to holding larger scale camps.  With God's help and your support we hope that one day we will have Camp Ezri running year round .