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How it Began

For over 25 years, Damon and Audra Albert have dedicated their lives to the development of programs that serve at-risk children. Through these efforts, there has been a drastic impact on the lives of thousands of families and children across the globe.

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Peter Smith

Global Children's Program

"The idea that 'every kids needs adventure' and providing an opportunity for them to explore or discover the raw world that is nature, is incredible. The way that Camp Ezri has combined wilderness with character and confidence building is truly remarkable."

Mrs. Reese
Public School Teacher

"Our inner city kids so desperately need more programs like Camp Ezri. When your world is full of chaos an experience like this can change the course of your life, God bless this work."

Natashia Stewart

"Thank you Pastor Damon. Keyon loved Camp Ezri. He was so happy and full of life when he came home. Keyon was fired up about the lord and prayer. God bless you and your ministry. What you guys are doing for these children is so beautiful!"

Speaking Engagements.jpg

Speaking Engagements

Damon Albert has served as a senior pastor, church planter, evangelist, radio host, program developer, and revival speaker for multiple denominations and ministry streams. He is the author of several books including Pure Vessels and Tactical Reformation. Damon has preached and used his gift across the nation and has been used mightily to deliver a timely message from God that penetrates hearts and always challenges the hearers. 

Our Partners

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