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Girls in Nature
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Camp Fire Marshmallows
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Campfire in Forest
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Sunday School
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"Camp Ezri, Because Every Kid Deserves Adventure"

Imagine seeing a real black bear in the wild while morning hiking a waterfall trail or howling at the moon as the sun disappears only to have coyotes answer back. Imagine wading hip deep in the river and then catching your first largemouth bass or trout on a fly rod. Imagine blazing a muddy mountain trail on an ATV, or spending the afternoon blasting skeet out of the air with a shotgun before spending your evening searching a seasonal creek bed for the elusive Northern Red Bellied Cooter. Imagine ending your day sitting around a campfire making smores while someone picks out a tune on an old guitar. ​

At Camp Ezri, we make all this and more possible for kids who would otherwise never get this opportunity. Many of the kids who attend Camp Ezri have never experienced anymore of nature than what can be seen on TV or possibly done at a local park. They are at risk kids, many who are plagued with daily struggles for safety and peace while living in crime ridden and poverty-stricken communities. Many have endured traumatic events and approach these struggles with limited support.

 Camp Ezri not only gives them the opportunity to experience an awesome adventure, but is designed to impart confidence, integrity, and a strong trust in the fact that whatever they face in life God will always help them.  Psalms 121:1-2

Young teenage girl fishing in the water
Cheerful positive  boy paintball player
little boy with backpack hiking in mount
Boy fishing - a handsome child holds a l
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The Camp Ezri Story...

Adventure, Character, Confidence and Faith.

Camp Ezri is a "501(c)(3)" program and only operates through the generosity of your tax deductible gifts and donations.

Camper Activities


Enjoy Pure Fun

Camp Ezri is packed with adventure! Just a few of the activities available are Fishing, Hiking, Tubing, Kayaking, Shooting, 4 Wheeler Trail Rides, Archery, Paintball, Crafts, various projects and tons of exploring!

"We went night hiking and were able to watch and record a family of raccoons through night vision technology, they were so funny, it was awesome"-Maria Camper


"I cant believe I caught such a huge fish" -Ben Camper 

"I enjoyed taking the four wheeler through all the muddy trails, i have never been so dirty lol" -Beth Camper

Creation Trail

Girls in Nature

Experience Nature "Hands On"

You have never hiked like this before! The Camp Ezri Creation Trail is truly a unique and one of a kind interactive adventure. The Creation Trail combines breath taking scenery with "hands on" interactive learning stations strategically placed throughout the length of the trail. The hikers not only get to observe nature they also get to touch it, taste it, smell it and learn about all the magnificent details that make Gods creation so incredible. The experience leaves its visitors with the thought, "If God has invested so much and takes such care of nature, He most certainly will look after me". -Mathew 6:26

Sponsor Campers

Smiling Teenage Boy

Changing Lives through Adventure.

Every kid deserves a chance for adventure! Thanks to amazing partners and the future construction of our multipurpose lodging facility, Camp Ezri will be able to provide this life changing adventure to thousands of kids  throughout some of the roughest and poorest neighborhoods in some of our Nations largest cities. The Camp Ezri experience never cost these kids a dime but is paid for entirely through generous donations and camper sponsorship.

Camp Ezri Changes Lives

"Camp Ezri Because Every Kids Deserves Adventure" .

"Camp Ezri is such a needed and life changing program. I have personally seen the incredible results associated with the Albert's Vision and passion to help "at risk" youth in our cities" Everyone should prayerfully consider how they may be able to support this valuable work" 

Pastor Davis- Baltimore MD

Board Members / Advisors 

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School Trip in Forest
Kip Mayorga.png

Quipsa Mayorga

-Chile, Chico Chile. South America

Advisory Team Member 

Quipsa "Kip" Mayorga is the Co-Founder of Gods Army Ministries and has served as an Evangelist and Ministry Leader literally all over the world. Kip currently resides in Chile, Chico Chile and has been a key contributor in countless community benefiting and life changing programs for literally thousands of teens and young adults across the globe. Kip also brings a myriad of building and construction knowledge to the Camp Ezri Team. 


Gary Keirsey

-Chambersburg Pennsylvania -USA

Board Member   

Gary is an ordained pastor with an incredible administrative gifting. Besides having over 30+ years of experience in retail management, Gary has also  faithfully assisted Damon in over 2 decades of community benefiting programs and outreach.  Gary brings a strong attention to detail and a passion for excellence to the Camp Ezri Team. Gary believes that today more than ever, at-risk kids need the love of God in their lives. He believes that Camp Ezri provides the love, truth and hope that will help anyone to succeed and overcome the struggles of life. 


Gary Morton (Retired Major)

-Ijamsville, Maryland -USA

Board Member 

Gary is the very definition of a selfless community servant. Having retired as the Operations Commander from a 35 year career with the Frederick County MD Sheriffs Office, and also serving his local Fire Department as a Lieutenant for 10 years, Gary continued his passion and hearts desire to serve others by pursuing biblical course work and graduating from Calvary Chapel Bible Institute. Even today Gary continues to serve his community as a background investigator for local Fire & Rescue. Gary is excited to be a part of the Camp Ezri Team and truly brings a wealth of experience to the program. Gary believes that Camp Ezri is a foundational key in imparting the love of Jesus in the hearts of at-risk kids.

-Ephesians 4:12 

stacey morton.jpg

Brandi French Barrett 

-Falling Waters, West Virginia -USA

Board Member   

Brandi is one of the industry leading real estate agents and investors in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia 1-81 corridor. Her level of professionalism and dedication sets her apart from the mass majority of those in her profession. Brandi believes the Word of God calls and challenges us to meet the needs of children who are at-risk, which is one of the reasons her and her husband choose to foster care. They see this as an opportunity to plant the seed of God’s love in the hearts of hurting children. This is also why Brandi has joined forces with the Camp Ezri Team. Brandi states “As an at-risk kid myself, it was learning the love of Jesus that saved me, an amazing place like Camp Ezri is a key factor in leading at-risk kids hearts home to the Lord.”


Robert Small 

-Smithsburg, Maryland -USA

Board Member  

 Robert is a true American Patriot having served our Nation in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005. Even after an injury caused him to leave the Army, Robert did not allow it to hinder his dedication to our Country as he began service as a deep sea remote operated vehicle pilot and even now works as a contractor for The Department of Homeland Security’s Bombing Prevention Division. Besides a wealth of strategy and business experience, Robert also brings an executive level of operational insight to the Camp Ezri Team, as he has successfully managed multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. Robert has a passion for his family (Jessy, Cole, Iris & Ronin). A passion for history and love for the great outdoors. Robert is a founding member of the 1850’s Camping Society, active Civil War re-enactor and avid outdoorsman. Robert is excited and blessed to be a part of the Camp Ezri Vision and believes that “There is no better way to ground kids in the Word of God, than to teach them how to live, enjoy and experience everything in God’s creation”.

damon audra.jpg

Damon & Audra Albert 

-Falling Waters, West Virginia -USA

Directors / Board Members

Damon and Audra are the founders and visionaries behind the Camp Ezri Project. Having dedicated the majority of their lives to various community benefiting programs across the Nation, the Albert's love for God and passion to provide adventure for at risk kids has driven them to create Camp Ezri. Damon and Audra are both avid outdoor and adventure lovers and very much enjoy bringing that  wealth of experience  and passion for nature to those they meet.

Click Here to Contact Damon About Speaking Engagements:

James Whitson.png

Jim Whitson

-Wrens, Georgia -USA

Board Member  

Jim is a retired civil servant who served the Federal Government and private industry  for over 35 years as a logistics and inventory expert. Jim currently serves his local church as well as brings an abundance of administrative and financial direction to the Camp Ezri Team. Jim loves spending time in nature, especially if bass fishing is involved and believes in the Camp Ezri vision that "every kid deserves the chance for adventure". 


Jim Boutcher

-Martinsburg,  West Virginia, Detroit Michigan -USA

Board Member  

Jim is originally from Pennsylvania and a graduate of Penn State. Upon graduation he spent over 7 years as an officer in the United States Air Force. Jim then entered the Entertainment/Hospitality field and has 35 years of high level experience in planning, designing, building and operating restaurants and hotels. Jim recently rediscovered his boyhood love for the outdoors and is excited to be part of the Camp Ezri project and vision. Jim love the following scripture and feel it applies to his involvement with Camp Ezri. “Start children on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Stacey Morton 

-Ijamsville, Maryland -USA

Board Member   

Stacey is a welcomed addition to the Camp Ezri Board of Directors. Having a capacious heart for her family, Stacey is a woman accustomed to prayer as her husband (of 36 years) spent a career in the law enforcement industry and now both of her sons have followed in their dad’s footsteps. Stacey also brings a wealth of experience having worked in both the real estate and medical industries.  Stacey has also served in local women’s ministry, hospitality, and alongside her husband in youth ministry. Stacey now greatly enjoys every opportunity she gets to care for her amazing grandson. Stacey believes in the Camp Ezri Vision and has a strong God given desire to make kids feel safe, loved and to know they have a future hope in Jesus.